Custom Patch Hats Alternate Logos

Your brand identity is critical to the success and function of your business. Developing a recognizable brand and logo takes time, and when it becomes a key element of your business it’s hard to deviate from it. The fear is that changing your logo in any way will erode the brand identity you’ve worked so hard to establish. But that perspective doesn’t consider the possible applications of your logo.

Maybe your original logo is a circle and looks incredible on your website and your social media pages. But when you go to create business cards, you find that resizing your logo to fit alongside your contact information suddenly makes the text way too small to read! That’s when an alternate logo can step in and save the day.

Take a look at some of these examples from our customers. Not only can you branch out with the overall look of the hat or apparel item, you can create more opportunities for your logo application than if you only had one design. >>>

Rhino Custom Richardson Patch Hat

We see it happen all the time with patch hats! You love your logo, it looks great, then we put it in a patch and it looks… well, not great. Maybe it’s too tall, and we had to squish it way down to fit on a hat, now it’s uncomfortably narrow and looks disproportionate on a hat. Maybe it’s too long and skinny, now on a hat, it looks underwhelming and crooked. An alternate logo can create a lot of possibility; where your main logo falls short in a specific application, your alternate logo can really pop and create an incredible end product.

With alternate logos, you can create patch beanies that look great and fit comfortably. You can create apparel with patches that drapes well and looks sharp. You can create branded accessories that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. All the while, showing off your brand.

If you’re worried about your brand identity slipping when you introduce alternate logos, we have a team of skilled designers who can create alternate logos that fit your brand identity for you, and for a fraction of the cost your designer would charge.

Ready to try out a new look? Email your designer or fill out our inquiry form today.

Custom Branded Patch Hat With Clip Label

Our Top Tips for Creating Alternate Logos

  • You’ll need one logo as your main logo. This one typically has all the design elements you need and want to represent your brand – central graphic, business name, location or tagline, additional design elements.
  • A simplified main logo. Just a few key elements, usually the central graphic and maybe business name.
  • Consider a vertical logo for marketing materials and presentations. Your key elements will be stacked and center aligned.
  • For letterheads, business cards, and footers, a horizontal logo is ideal. Your central graphic will be left or right aligned, with your business name on one side.
  • Graphic only. For a modern look, your main graphic can stand alone, no text. Let your brand do the talking.