Stitching A Patch Hat

Vintage photo circa 2018 of our first hats being stitched in Brian’s living room. 

Like sparks to a campfire, our founders came together to kindle an idea. A vision for a new kind of custom hat company. With their hard work, grit, and ingenuity, they lit that vision into a plan, a business, and now, a community. In the thrilling adventure of designing and producing one-of-a-kind custom patch hats, we’ve found our hearth is fueled by one of the strongest elements: Human connection.

What started as a flicker of creativity ignited into a thriving company. Our pack is united together under a collective vision. Each day is a step forward as we seek to blaze the trail and lead the way to elevated custom hats and apparel for the people, companies, and brands who rep them. And we want you a part of that journey. We aren’t going to leave you sitting alone behind the computer, picking out the same old designs and hoping for the best.

You’re more than that. Your idea is more than that.

The bond we have with you and your crew changes everything. As a customer, you’re a part of our pack. With a personalized, hands-on process, we’ll help bring your vision to life. Here’s to a journey where we forge creativity, connections, and community. We’re in this together. Let’s create personalized merch and a rendering of identity that shows that.