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308, 2020

Custom Patch Beanies

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Custom Patch Beanies Custom patch beanies are the grown up, glowed up version of embroidered beanies. Minimizing the stretching and distortion that happens with embroidery, patches also offer the flexibility of using your full logo or design all wrapped up in a neat little package. There's more consistency as well. With direct embroidery, you run the risk of letters or shapes getting distorted and looking different from hat to hat. Every patch is more or less identical, with only slight, imperceptible variations. We offer woven, embroidered, sublimated, PVC, and leather patches on beanies, as well as woven and suede labels [...]

1607, 2020

Custom Patch Hats Color Series – Richardson 112

By | July 16th, 2020|Categories: Color Series|0 Comments

For our first blog in the Color Series, we're going to spotlight the most popular trucker, the Richardson 112. This is a mid-profile trucker hat with a slightly curved brim and snapback closure. There's a reason this hat is the most popular. It comes in a huge variety of colors, fits most adult men very well, and it's comfortable. The most popular hat color we sell in this style is the heather grey with white mesh. It looks good with almost every patch design and color scheme. You really can't go wrong with this one. However, the multitude of colors [...]

207, 2020

Custom Lifeguard Hats

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Custom Lifeguard Hats For Summer As the summer starts to heat up and we're all spending more time outside thanks to COVID, enjoy your own personal shade with a custom lifeguard hat. Custom lifeguard hats for summer are a great option for many of our customers who either find themselves recreating or working in the sun, and here in the south, we know how important it is to have adequate and breezy shade in that midday heat. Lifeguard hats are favored by outdoor brands and you'll often see them used for outdoor sports like fishing and boating, but they're perfect [...]

3003, 2020

Custom Patch Hats for Your Church

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Custom patch hats for your church and small groups are a fun, modern way to put your church’s name out into the world and open up the conversation about what you do. With a creative, stylish logo or symbol, your hat could become the favorite topper of many of your members. And a hat worn in public, is a hat seen.  Some things to consider when purchasing hats for your church or church group: Who is going to wear the hats? If you’re hoping to grow the number of young adults in your congregation, you should consider more youthful hats, [...]

2703, 2020

Heat Pressed or Hand Stitched Patch Hats

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A common question we get asked is, “What’s better? Heat pressed or hand stitched patch hats?” While we almost always recommend hand stitched, there are circumstances where heat pressing is the right choice. A number of factors contribute to your decision, and we’ll go over a few of the reasons you might choose one over the other. Appearance When it comes down to the look of your patch hat, hand stitching always wins out. It’s the classic patch hat look, looks nicely finished and clean, and it doesn’t indent the hat or leave marks on the patch. With heat pressing, [...]

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