Frequently Asked Questions2020-03-13T11:32:29-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship Custom Patch Hats to Canada?2021-11-16T11:12:10-05:00

Yes, we ship Custom Patch Hats to Canada and all over the world. It’s easier to ship custom patch hats to Canada than you think. International shipping fees and duties may apply.

Where are you located?2020-03-13T11:30:14-04:00

We’re located just at the edge of downtown Raleigh, NC. Our designers, operations team, seamstresses, heat press operators, and shipping/receiving team work in this space. We’re expanding into the space next door in spring 2020 and are looking forward to a little more breathing room.

Do you offer returns?2020-03-13T11:21:55-04:00

We do not offer returns in the event you are unhappy with the hats after approval. However, we do offer some replacement options if something happens, if your product does not meet our standards or is incorrect. We approach refunds and replacements on a case-by-case basis, so please reach out to us with any questions.

Do you offer any discounts?2021-04-12T09:56:11-04:00

We offer a 5% discount (up to 100 hats) to registered non-profits and active duty military and we need a copy of the appropriate forms prior to finalizing your order.

Do you charge sales tax?2020-03-13T11:16:10-04:00

As per the Supreme Court ruling, unless your organization is exempt from tax, we must charge sales tax. If you are exempt, we will need a copy of your tax exempt form prior to finalizing your order.

Do you offer payment by ACH?2020-03-13T11:15:46-04:00

Yes, please notify your designer if you intend to pay by ACH.

Can you split payments?2021-10-11T14:52:24-04:00

We take full payment up front, but you are able to split the payment between two credit cards if necessary. 

Can I change my shipping address after I pay?2020-03-13T11:13:52-04:00

Yes, please email [email protected] if you need to update your shipping address.

How much are duties and import taxes going to be?2020-03-13T11:13:26-04:00

We have no way of estimating or predicting duties, import taxes, or customs delays. Custom Patch Hats is not responsible for any fees or delays incurred by shipping overseas.

Can I upgrade my shipping?2020-03-13T11:13:04-04:00

Yes, if you want to pay for overnight shipping, please speak with your designer or email [email protected] We ship UPS ground, which typically takes 3-5 days.

Is shipping free?2021-04-12T10:51:00-04:00

Our simple shipping is $20 for orders from 24-100 hats and an additional $20 for each box shipped over 100 hats. This applies within the continental US, but if you are in Alaska, Hawaii, or any other country, we will provide a custom shipping quote before your order is placed. 

What is the difference between hand stitched and heat pressed?2020-03-13T11:11:48-04:00

Hand stitching and heat press are patch attachment methods. Generally, we recommend hand stitching, it’s done by our in-house team of awesome seamstresses, and has the look and feel of a custom, durable, high-quality product. This patch will remain on your hat as long as your hat remains in one piece. Heat pressing is used for die-cut patches that cannot be stitched. It’s also a great lower cost option for hats you intend to give away. We cannot guarantee the permanent longevity of heat pressed patches and we assume they are subject to long-term exposure to the elements.

Can I change my hats after I pay?2020-03-13T11:11:25-04:00

You can, however, we will have to charge a restocking fee since we order hats for your projects shortly after you pay. Please reach out to your designer with any questions about your hat selections.

Can I change my patch design if I don’t like it?2020-03-13T11:11:03-04:00

Possibly, but only prior to patch proof approval. Sometimes designs look better in one format versus another. We might try embroidery first, but if it doesn’t come out clear enough, we can change it to woven, or sublimated. It really depends on your design. If you decide to change from a fabric patch to a PVC or leather patch, there is a fee since they are mold-based and priced differently from fabric patches. Changing your leather or PVC patch design after you receive a proof will incur a fee. We generally discourage changing from one type of patch to another, or changing design elements, since it has the potential to delay your project by a week or more. If you want to change a color or fix a small error, that is no problem and is not likely to delay your project beyond a week.

There’s not enough room on my patch for this, what can I do?2020-03-13T11:10:30-04:00

If you have something you’d like to incorporate on your hat that doesn’t belong or fit on your patch, we can add it elsewhere! We offer direct embroidery, woven labels, suede labels, and secondary patches.

Can I have other colors on my leather patches?2020-03-13T11:10:04-04:00

Yes, we can imprint colors on the debossing. One color in addition to the standard deboss is $50 extra, two or more colors is $100 extra.

Can I have more than one color for my patch?2023-01-27T10:24:30-05:00

Yes, we call this a thread change for woven and embroidered patches, and a color change for PVC patches. There is no minimum, but each color change is $60. Different colors of leather will be considered two separate orders.

Can I pick more than one hat color?2020-03-13T11:09:19-04:00

Yes, we offer a minimum of 12 per hat color or style. For example, if you order 50 hats, you can split the order to 12 black Richardson truckers, 12 red Richardson truckers, 13 black Yupoong dad hats, and 13 green Pacific headwear truckers.

I don’t have a logo, can you design one for me?2020-03-13T11:06:13-04:00

We do offer paid design time for custom logos. This fee starts at $100 for very simple designs, and goes up depending on the complexity of your design. Once that design is completed and approved, you get to keep all relevant files for your personal use. If you proceed with a hat project, 50% of that fee will be credited to your order.

Can I get a blank hat to see if I like the fit or color?2020-03-13T11:05:50-04:00

We cannot send you blank hats due to the hat manufacturers’ restrictions. We recommend trying to find the hat on Amazon if you are only interested in a blank hat. If you have any questions about the fit or color of a specific hat, please ask your designer.

Do you offer a rush option/can I expedite my order?2020-03-13T11:05:25-04:00

Technically, no. However, embroidered patches are usually pretty quick, as are leather patches. We can also rush direct embroidery, there is a fee to do that. If you have a specific deadline, please notify your designer and we will try to accommodate that as much as we can. Keep in mind that we absolutely cannot guarantee specific due dates, especially if we are shipping outside the country.

Can I get a sample of my patch before it gets put on the hats?2020-03-13T11:05:01-04:00

Shortly after you pay your invoice, you’ll receive a photo of the first patch off the production line to make sure it looks great. Once we get them in hand, we can send you a photo of the patch attached to one of your hats to make sure you’re happy with it. We also offer sample patch packs, sample hats and sew out samples. Please reach out if you are interested in samples.

Is everything made in America?2020-03-13T11:03:06-04:00

While all of our designing, finish-stitching, and shipping takes place in Raleigh, NC, we do source materials from all over the world in order to find the best, and highest quality products on the market. 100% American-made patch hat options are available, and we are happy to work with you on that.

What is your turnaround time?2021-08-13T09:00:19-04:00

Due to supply chain disruptions, our current lead time is 8-10 weeks.

Do you offer refunds?2020-03-20T13:54:22-04:00

We do not offer refunds. Your hats are custom made and as soon as you pay your invoice we order all the materials required to create your hats. Your hats are one of kind, made to order, and by accepting your order with us, we commit to producing your entire project. If there are errors with your order, we are always happy to make things right; these issues are handled on a case-by-case basis.