CPH Leather Patch Styles2

Here at Custom Patch Hats we offer two different types of leather patch hats, and within those, there are some very cool variations in the leather patches we can do. But let’s go over the differences first between the two types we offer.

Debossed Leather Patches

Debossed Leather Patches

Debossed Leather Patches

Debossed leather patches are created using a machined mold made from your design and stamped onto the leather. This method produces very clear and crisp details and can be used on many colors of leather, suede, and faux leather.

  • In addition to our normal brown color, we can make white, black, navy, grey, light beige, blue, and red patches. We can also get distressed leather.
  • There is also the option to use a color on the debossed section. So you could get a black leather patch with a bright blue, or gold, color overlay.
Suede Labels

Debossed Suede Labels

An important note: debossing produces a naturally darker design area, but on very light and dark leathers the debossed area will bethe same or a similar color as the leather.

Laser Etched Leather Patches

Laser etched leather patches are produced in our facility in Raleigh and it essentially involves burning your design into the leather with a laser. While we can get very clear and crisp lines, smaller details can be difficult to achieve.

  • Laser etching doesn’t always look the best on certain colors of leather, the brown produced by the laser can contrast with certain brown leathers, so we stick to a limited color selection of leather.
  • Only genuine leather patches are offered with this method currently.
Laser Leather Patch

Laser Etched Leather Patch

Due to sourcing differences between the two methods, debossed leather patches are going to have a more uniform appearance. Laser leather patches are likely to have more natural variation, blemishes, or brand marks on the leather. We think both are pretty great! They’re just a different look.

One great bonus of doing the laser leather, is that we can offer a pretty quick turnaround. So you can get your photo proof in 24-48 hours and then we’re looking at a total turnaround of 4 weeks for laser leather, vs the 5-6 for debossed leather. It can be a great add on option as well. If you have an order for fabric or pvc patch hats, you can add on laser leather patch hats for the same price.

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