Richardson 882 Blaze Orange Patch Hats

Richardson 882 Blaze Orange Trucker

Blaze Orange Hats for Fall & Winter

It might still be a little warm in your neck of the woods, but if blaze orange is in your future, now is the time to place your order for blaze orange patch hats. And what better time to talk about the options available for blaze orange hats than right now?

It seems everyone is getting outside more, and that includes hunters and outdoorsmen, which is great, but it also means being visible to other hunters is extra important. Blaze orange and other neon colors are a great option to include in your arsenal of hats, whether you and your customers are avid hunters or weekend explorers.

Take a look below at some of our favorite blaze orange and neon hat options for optimal visibility during hunting season.

Yupoong Flexfit 360 Omnimesh Blaze Orange

Yupoong Flexfit Mesh Blaze Orange Trucker

The Richardson 882 Blaze Trucker is the leader of the pack. Richardson offers two other blaze orange hats with brown and camo brims, but this solid orange hat remains a diehard favorite and frequently sells out. The 112 also comes in a solid orange, orange/white, and orange/black, but the hue is not quite as safety orange as the 882.

Yupoong makes a solid mesh hat in neon orange and neon yellow. The 360 Omnimesh is a unique hat, featuring mesh on the front and back panels. These are unstructured hats and are super breathable. Could be a great option for those hunting in warmer and milder climates.

Outdoor Cap 350 Neon Pink Blaze Orange Patch Hat

Outdoor Cap 350 Neon Pink

Kati and Outdoor Cap both make full fabric blaze orange caps. The Kati SN100 is available in neon yellow as well, both with a black under-visor. The Outdoor Cap 350 features a green under-visor on the blaze orange, and also comes in a variety of camo patterns.

There are also several beanie styles that come in blaze orange and neon colors that are perfect for cold winter days in the woods.

Reach out to us today to inquire about blaze orange and neon hats. We’re happy to show you all kinds of different options so you can find exactly what you’re looking for!