Custom Winter Beanie Embroidered Patch2

Custom Patch Beanies

Custom patch beanies are the grown up, glowed up version of embroidered beanies. Minimizing the stretching and distortion that happens with embroidery, patches also offer the flexibility of using your full logo or design all wrapped up in a neat little package. There’s more consistency as well. With direct embroidery, you run the risk of letters or shapes getting distorted and looking different from hat to hat. Every patch is more or less identical, with only slight, imperceptible variations. We offer woven, embroidered, sublimated, PVC, and leather patches on beanies, as well as woven and suede labels on beanies.

Beanies are a fun option to offer during the colder months as your clientele or employees swap out their headwear to keep warm. With a huge variety of styles and colors, the perfect beanie is easy to find and incorporate into your preexisting hat selection in a way that supports your brand and makes people want to wear them.

Old East Patch Beanies

Beanie Styles

Whether you’re interested in a pom beanie, a skull cap beanie, fleece headband, or a cozy waffle knit beanie, we can find it and design a patch with your logo that will be exactly what you’re looking for. You can color coordinate and mix and match, too! So if you have two color options in your patch design, you could get beanies to match those colors.

Patch Sizes for Beanies

One thing to keep in mind with beanies is the size of your patch. In this instance, smaller is better, and for most beanie styles, we do not recommend patches over 2 inches in height. A few beanie styles can accommodate 2.25 inch patches, but in general, a modest size is going to look best.

Custom Beanie Suede Labels2

Patch Styles

While all patch styles look great on the right beanie, we love the look of leather and PVC patches on beanies. Depending on the style you’re going for, it can be rustic and earthy or modern and hip. We also love how suede clip labels and woven labels or woven heat cut patches look on beanies. They create a streamlined, minimalistic look that also feels comfortable on your head.

We have beanies of all styles available at a price point that works for you. You can see some of our most popular beanie styles and pricing here, and we invite you to fill out our inquiry form with your logo and style preference to get a mockup of your logo on the beanie of your choice. Custom beanies are the coziest way to get your brand out into the world, don’t delay, the season will be here before we know it!