Richardson112 Five Panel Beetle QuarryFor our first blog in the Color Series, we’re going to spotlight the most popular trucker, the Richardson 112. This is a mid-profile trucker hat with a slightly curved brim and snapback closure. There’s a reason this hat is the most popular. It comes in a huge variety of colors, fits most adult men very well, and it’s comfortable.

The most popular hat color we sell in this style is the heather grey with white mesh. It looks good with almost every patch design and color scheme. You really can’t go wrong with this one. However, the multitude of colors offered in this style create a lot of flexibility in creating a range of hats that suits your brand and aesthetic. There are even a ton of printed options. We’re going to showcase a few of our favorites here.

Earth Tones

Loden, Khaki/Coffee, Biscuit/True Blue

Richardson 112 Trucker LodenRichardson 112 Trucker Khaki CoffeeRichardson 112 Biscuit TrueBlue Angle


Navy/Navy-White Fade, Navy/White, Navy/Charcoal

Richardson 112PM Trucker NavyNavyWhiteFadeRichardson 112 Trucker Navy WhiteRichardson 112 Navy Charcoal Angleb


Columbia Blue, Cyan/White, Charcoal/Cyan

Richardson112 Five Panel Beetle Quarry Richardson 112 Trucker Cyan White Richardson 112 Trucker Charcoal Neonblue


Heather Grey/Stars & Stripes, Digital Camo/Light Green, Island Navy/White, Plaid Thyme Green/Toast/Khaki

Richardson 112PM Trucker HeatherGreyStarsStripesRichardson 112P DIGITAL CAMO LIGHT GREEN Richardson 112P ISLAND NAVY WHITE Richardson 112P PLAID THYME GREEN TOAST KHAKI


Heather Grey/Charcoal/Maroon, Heather Grey/Charcoal/Dark Orange, Columbia Blue/White/Navy

Richardson 112 Heather Charcoal Maroon Richardson 112 Heather Charcoal Dark Orange Richardson 112 Columbia Blue Navy White

Five Panel

Beetle/Quarry, Heather Grey/Amber Gold, Pale Khaki/Loden

Richardson 112FP Beetle Quarry Angle Richardson 112FP Heathergrey Ambergold Angle Richardson 112FP PaleKhaki Loden Angle

As you can see, the opportunity to create a fully unique hat with the Richardson 112 is unparalleled. It’s lower-profile cousin, the 115, also offers a wide variety of colors, and we’ll go over those in our next post. Many of our customers choose to create multiple color ways of their patch design to accommodate the interesting colors available in this hat style and others.

Want to see what your patch design looks like on the Richardson 112? Fill out an inquiry today and be sure to upload your artwork and mention the hat colors you’re interested in so we can send you a customized mockup right away.