custom lifeguard hatCustom Lifeguard Hats For Summer

As the summer starts to heat up and we’re all spending more time outside thanks to COVID, enjoy your own personal shade with a custom lifeguard hat. Custom lifeguard hats for summer are a great option for many of our customers who either find themselves recreating or working in the sun, and here in the south, we know how important it is to have adequate and breezy shade in that midday heat. Lifeguard hats are favored by outdoor brands and you’ll often see them used for outdoor sports like fishing and boating, but they’re perfect for beach days, picnics, and concerts (whenever we get around to those again!).

You may not have considered, though, that custom patch lifeguard hats are an excellent choice for landscaping, construction, and road crews who find themselves working in the hot sun. This is a great alternative to your standard trucker hat during summer because the weave of the straw lets in good airflow to keep you cool, and the brim covers not just the front of the face, but the ears and back of the neck as well. Protecting you from unnecessary sun damage and heat.

Our Straw Lifeguard Hat Options

We offer two options in the custom lifeguard hat, one by OttoCap and one by Richardson. They are very similar, both feature a drawcord with slider to keep the hat secured on windy days and a soft, fabric sweatband. The Richardson is a bit sturdier and more structured, but the OttoCap is a more budget friendly option.

Custom Straw Patch HatWe always hand stitch patches onto lifeguard hats. Heat press can damage or break the straw. It’s also possible to attach a woven clip label on the brim if you have a little extra information you’d like to include on the hat. We prefer the 10 o’clock position at the back of the hat, but they can be placed anywhere.

Custom lifeguard hats are a great offering during summer, whether you plan to sell them to customers or give them to your crew. Contact us today to get a quote for your patch hats and see your patch design on a lifeguard hat.