Custom patch hats for your church and small groups are a fun, modern way to put your church’s name out into the world and open up the conversation about what you do. With a creative, stylish logo or symbol, your hat could become the favorite topper of many of your members. And a hat worn in public, is a hat seen. 

Some things to consider when purchasing hats for your church or church group:


Who is going to wear the hats?

If you’re hoping to grow the number of young adults in your congregation, you should consider more youthful hats, like flat bills and dad hats. Having a unique and interesting design will go a long way in getting young adults to wear the hat. 

That’s something we can help you with, too. We offer in-house design services at a fraction of the cost a design firm would charge, and we credit part of it back to your order.

Are you going to give them away or let members fund them directly?

If you’re very budget conscious or fully intending to give the hats away, heat press would be a good choice for attachment. However, we strongly recommend hand stitching, because it creates a more durable and better looking product. 

What do you want the longevity of the hat to be?

You may be interested in having hats made for a special event, a church anniversary perhaps. Keep in mind, that after a year, that will no longer be relevant. While it’s a nice memento, it would be a better use of resources to invest in something that would endure over the years. 


We’ve seen a lot of great patch designs come in for churches all across the nation, and if you’re thinking about getting some made, just reach out to us today to discuss your idea. We also offer a discount for nonprofit organizations. Custom patch hats for your church are a creative and exciting way to get your name out there, let us help you get started today.