Patch hats have great implications for your business and marketing initiatives. We have many clients who wish to provide great giveaway options, uniform pieces, or gifts for their employees. Hats are an excellent choice since they are adjustable, easily worn, and inexpensive. Let’s run through some options and things to consider for each of these applications.

Multi Cam Embroidered Patch Hat for BusinessSWAG

Headed to a tradeshow or trying to grow your business? Giving away a hat with your branding on it is a great idea. This is a popular choice for realtors especially, they can easily be included in a housewarming gift or open house. These also make great prizes or goodie-bag items at industry shows. We recommend a less expensive hat brand like foamies, Outdoor Cap, and Sportsman, as well as heat press attachment.

Real Estate Patch Hat for Business


Patch hats are perfect whether your team wears a formal uniform or you just want your crew to wear branded hats on the job. Construction companies and restaurant crews are always in need of hats. The value of sending your employee out to a job wearing your company’s logo is paramount to building brand recognition in the communities you serve. We recommend stepping up the quality a bit here, especially if the wearers are going to be a little rough on the hats. Hand stitched patches on a Richardson or Yupoong are the way to go.


Ready to celebrate at the office? Anniversaries, holidays, events – all are good reasons to keep a stash of branded patch hats on hand to hand out as gifts. We recommend choosing a stylish hat or two that will fit men and women well, and using a design your employees will be proud to wear (i.e., no phone numbers on the front). If you want to add extra information, like a commemorative date or tag line, woven clip labels are ideal. Employees will wear a good looking hat out in public even when they’re not working, and that’s something to strive for.

These are just a few of the most common applications for patch hats for your business, there are many more of course and we’d love to entertain your ideas! If you’re not quite sure whether hats are a good way to go, feel free to give us a call or email us. We’re happy to talk hats any time.