Choosing the perfect hat for your patch design involves getting the right balance of color, crown height, and shape to suit your audience. Some hats, like the Yupoong flat bill trucker and flat bill full fabric hat, are able to accommodate larger patches, while others, like the Richardson low profile trucker, will max out at 2.25” in diameter for a circle patch. So, let’s get the lay of the land and talk about the most popular hat styles for patches.

Perfect hat for patch designRichardson 112 mid-profile trucker – this is the most popular hat and one that our customers return to again and again. What makes it so great? It fits most head sizes very well, comes with a slightly curved bill which you can flatten or curve even further. It’s also very comfortable. This hat can handle patches of all sizes thanks to its mid profile crown. 



PVC patch on Richardson 115

Richardson 115 low-profile trucker – just like the 112, but with a lower profile that suits men with smaller heads and women. With this hat you do have a slight limitation on patch sizes, and while it doesn’t come in heather grey/white, it does come in some pretty awesome colors. We love the tri-tone colors and the black heather/black.



The perfect hat for your patch designYupoong 6006 flat bill trucker – the classic trucker comes with a perfectly flat bill and features a high crown that accommodates big patches in all styles. This style has a cool, modern feel. The flat brim can be curved by hand if you so wish. PVC patches look especially cool on these hats and we like the simple, classic colors!




Custom Yupoong Snapback Patch Hat2Yupoong 6089 flat bill wool blend – this full fabric hat comes in a wool blend that is so sophisticated and good looking we want to put every patch on this hat. We really love leather patches on this hat though. It comes in a great selection of classic colors, as well as some fun ones, like spruce, maroon, orange, and purple. 




Dad Hat With Custom Leather Patch2Yupoong 6245 and Richardson 320 and 330 – the classic “dad” hats are unstructured, slouchy, and classic in the best first-day-of-college kind of way. These hats are beloved by men and women and look equally well on both. Due to the unstructured and low profile style of the crown, we recommend smaller patches. All patches look pretty great on this style and the color choices are endless.




Of course, if you’re looking for something super specific or unique, like beanies, printed hats, grandpa hats, running hats, or lifeguard hats, we’ve got you covered, literally. Just let us know what you’re looking for when you submit your inquiry and a designer will present you with some great options to get started.