Here at Custom Patch Hats, we strive to make your ordering experience straightforward, easy, customer-focused, and clear as day. There are, however, a few steps involved and we’ll break them down a little bit here. Most important to us is that you get exactly what you want, so we give you many opportunities to make adjustments to your hats and/or patches in order to get them just right.

CPH Process

The CPH Process begins at our inquiry form. Here you fill out the relevant information about what hats you’re looking for and the type of patch you’re interested in. You can also upload your artwork or logo for the patch design here. Of course, if you don’t have a logo, or want to start fresh, we can create something for you for a small fee.

That inquiry comes into our system and a designer is assigned to your project. Sometimes we get a little backed up here, so you can always reach out to us at [email protected] if you need a quicker reply.

Your designer will take your logo or design, build it into a patch design, and put together a mockup showing your design on the hats you’ve specified. Pricing is included at the bottom of that quote for the number of hats you requested, as well as the next couple pricing tiers since our prices drop with quantity increases.

You’ll finalize your hats with your designer and they’ll get your shipping address, send you our closing text, and send your order to invoicing. Your invoice will arrive via email and you can pay online with any credit card, you can even do it on your phone.

Once paid, we order the patches and hats for your project. Shortly after that, we’ll send you a photo of the first patch produced. The time frame differs depending on your patch style, and your designer will clarify that with you. If that patch looks good to you, we’ll finish production on them. For leather and PVC, the proofing process is a little bit different, since those patches are made with a machined mold. Once the design is finalized, there’s no going back.

CPH Stitching

When the patches are finished and and they and the hats arrive at our facility, we put two and two together to create your finished product. Here in Raleigh, we currently have ten stitchers and one heat presser who put your hats together. Once they’ve finished, we pack them up and ship them out to you!

CPH Shipping

Now, it’s time for you to enjoy your hats, hand them out, put them on the shelves, and start thinking about your reorder!

Head on over to our inquiry page or email us at [email protected] to get started!