Protect your construction crew with custom patch hats! Custom hats for construction crews are ideal for the variety of conditions your crew experiences on the job, and is a great way to build brand recognition. Check out our top tips for making the best hats for your team to wear on and off the clock.

Patch DesignCamo And Blaze Orange Kati Pvc Patch Hat2

  • Your logo or icon is the best design to use on your patches. This will enhance brand recognition as your crew interacts with others on the jobsite. And if they choose to wear it around town, that’s more exposure for your brand and an opportunity for them to talk about their work.
  • Choose a durable material. In general, leather and PVC patches are going to hold up better to the abuses of a worksite than fabric. They’ll tolerate sun, sweat, chemicals, and abrasion much better.

Hat Choice

  • You can’t go wrong with a standard trucker. The Richardson and Yupoong truckers come in a wide variety of colors that you can match to your brand or utilize for safety and visibility.
  • Performance materials may also be a wise choice, depending on your crews’ working environments.
  • Seasonal hats are important for outdoor crews that work in extreme weather. Consider hi-visibility beanies for winter, and wide-brimmed lifeguard hats in summer.

Richardson112 Five Panel Beetle QuarryVolume

  • Knowing the turnover of construction crews can be pretty high and the environments can be pretty rough on hats, consider ordering 1.5 to 2 times as many hats as you currently need
  • Inevitably, you’ll have one or two guys constantly losing their hats, and one or two guys destroying theirs at an alarming rate.
  • And, in our experience, giving away hats is really easy.

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